Group Exhibition

“The painting on the wood”, gallery “BASTEJS” Riga. “Atvadas Venēcijai” – autumn exhibition at layer office “Rusanovs, Rode, Bušs”. At Durbe’s castle “The transformation of chair”. Gallery “Carouselle” “The minniature on the wood”. 2004 – The art exhibition of Tukum’s district , at castle of Durbe, Tukums, the exhibition at Tukum’s city anywersary. “The exhibition of minniature”, gallery “RIGA”. “The station for two” – the artist’s group exhibition at the Railway museum, Riga. The miniature exhibition, gallery ” Mākslas dārzs”. “The painting on the wood”, gallery “BASTEJS”, Riga . The Gallery ” MĀKSLA” – ” About the chees”;